PG&E Corporation Comments On Proposed Pipeline Safety And Community Empowerment Act


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - PG&E Corporation (NYSE: PCG) today issued the following statement from Vice President of Corporate Environmental and Federal Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer Steven L. Kline, commenting on federal pipeline safety legislation introduced by U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier:

"As a company, and as an industry, we have a responsibility to make sure we are operating in accordance with the highest standards when it comes to pipeline safety and integrity. Moreover, we know these standards must be continually evaluated and updated to reflect technological advancement and lessons learned as a result of tragedies like the San Bruno accident and others that have occurred around the country over the decade."

"As Congress moves to reauthorize the Pipeline Inspection, Protection, Enforcement and Safety Act of 2006, we know that improvements can and will be made to pipeline safety that will bring about a safer national pipeline system."

"Congresswoman Speier has introduced the Pipeline Safety and Community Empowerment Act, which will enhance public safety, strengthen oversight, improve accountability, and increase public awareness surrounding natural gas pipelines. We commend the Congresswoman for her leadership and for introducing legislation on this very important issue. We share the goals of her legislation and look forward to working with Congresswoman Speier and other members of Congress on legislation to improve the safety of our nation's natural gas system."


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