PG&E Corporation's Y2K Preparedness Pays Off


(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) PG&E Corporation's (NYSE:PCG) systems and facilities around the country successfully navigated the New Year transition, thanks to years of work by the Company's Y2K employee teams.

More than 1,500 PG&E Corporation employees spent their New Year in emergency centers and at strategic locations across the U.S. in order to ensure rapid response to potential Y2K problems.

"From our power plants in the East, to our Texas natural gas facilities, to our utility operations in the West, PG&E Corporation’s systems made the transition a smooth one for our customers throughout the country," said Robert D. Glynn, Jr. PG&E Corporation Chairman, CEO, and President.

In 1996, PG&E Corporation began preparing for the transition to the year 2000 by inventorying, remediating, and testing more than 300,000 mission-critical systems and equipment. The Corporation noted that its Y2K program’s objective was to ensure that January 1, 2000 would be a day no different from any other.

"Four years of hard work and dedication by our Y2K employee teams enabled us to deliver on this commitment and make the first day of 2000 no different from the other 364 days of the year," said Glynn.

As part of its Y2K efforts, the Corporation also developed and implemented contingency plans and further refined its emergency preparedness operations across all its business lines.

Glynn noted that, "Providing an unparalleled level of reliability and responsiveness to customers across the country is what they expect and what our business is all about. We have a long history of delivering on this expectation, and the experience we gained from Y2K has further sharpened our ability to meet our customers’ demanding expectations."

Although the New Year has arrived, PG&E Corporation said that its Y2K plan calls for continued monitoring of mission-critical systems to ensure that they perform as expected in the future.

PG&E Corporation, with 1998 revenues of almost $20 billion, $33 billion in assets, and operations in 27 states, markets energy services and products throughout North America through its National Energy Group. PG&E Corporation's businesses also include Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the Northern and Central California utility that deliver natural gas and electricity service to one in every 20 Americans.


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